Summer Lovin

There’s nothing like believing
When you can’t avoid feeling
Like he is the most beautiful human being

You notice the smallest little things
His ocean blue eyes that sparkle in the sun
The way his eyebrows move in together as he laughs
The way he smiles when he’s happy and having fun

Then he asks if you have feelings for his best friend
You respond well he has a girlfriend so I don’t have a chance
The way you always have to hide the emotions behind the texts you send
The same is true for him because he’s taken
He tells you sometimes being friends is better
The smile you give is fake
Because inside you face only heartbreak

You just wanna walk up to her and say
I just want you to know
Appreciate him every day
Don’t ever let him go
Because he’s what I imagine only
What perfection on earth is like
Because when I’m sad and lonely
When I realize I’m not good enough
My chance doesn’t exist
Well you girl are nothing short of lucky
Fortunate enough to experience his love
You are his angel from above
If only it was me
I only have one wish
Treasure every moment
Make memories to cherish
Because I would give anything to be you
That would be a dream come true



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