Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Real Feelings

Thinking of him

It gives you those feelings
The sole thing on your mind 
In a long class
A long work shift
When your all alone
It sends shivers down your spine
Pure ecstasy in your heart
A smile that lasts for hours
The best dream you’ll have
No one knows how you feel 
No one believes you love him
They think your crazy to hope you have a chance 
It doesn’t matter nothing else does 
Except one day the the thought of freedom, happiness and being loved by another human being  

Diamond Devotion

The pain doesn’t really sink in
It doesn’t really seem realistic
The worst feeling you’ll ever feel
Seeing the one person your in love with
In love with someone else
Until you see it with your own eyes
Them together holding hands
Hanging out
The way he smiles
His laugh
His commitment
I guess I’ll never be that lucky
Never be the one
The only one he loves